North South Foods
Group, Inc.

"Guidelines for New Agents…"

  • We presently import from Canada and export to Mexico and Canada. We have no desire to expand in either imports or exports.

  • Since NSFG carries receivable insurance on all customers ( at NSFG expense ) all receivable insurance would be in place prior to the Agent selling for NSFG. This would eliminate any concerns that an Agents customer's credit may not be approved by NSFG

  • Since NSFG is virtually open with all pork, beef and poultry suppliers in USA & Canada, there should not be any credit issues, if a credit issue does occur, NSFG will not let credit be a problem on any order, even if we have to pre-wire funds.

  • We do not do business based upon speculation. We will purchase product for inventory, but product must be pre-sold with PO #.

  • We have an open Territory Trading Concept for all Agents. Therefore new Agents are not required to work in conjunction with our present Agents, unless they opt to do so. Any conflicts on this matter would be corrected prior to new Agents leaving their existing position, ensuring that both present and future Agents are equally protected