North South Foods
Group, Inc.

"Information for New Agents…"

  • Agents have Corporations permitting them numerous benefits, such as, deducting business related expenses and of course being self-employed means setting your own hours and working conditions

  • Agents are paid either 60% or 70% of the Total Profits based on a formula tied to their Total Fiscal Year Profits (additional information available upon request).

  • Each Agent will have his or her own block of P.O. numbers, avoiding unnecessary authorization.

  • Agents can work in their own home anywhere in North America. All they require is a telephone, fax machine and computer. Furthermore with portable 800 numbers, Agents can relocate anytime without complications, as the only address given to suppliers and customers is  out of Longwood, Florida. The head office completes all invoices, credit approval and office functions, such as, receivables and payables. This will be our cost, not the Agents.

  • We carry receivable insurance on all customers, which is part of our expense, therefore Agents are not held responsible for any loss due to bankruptcy. Most Customer Approvals, can be obtained in minutes through our online services with the Insurance Companies

  • All payments to Agents will be made on a weekly basis upon receipt of payments from Customer. Agents are responsible only for their direct expenses ( i.e. phone, fax, etc. )

  • We cover all administrative expenses, with the exception of interest on Overdue accounts. The Agent would only be responsible for their portion of the interest for the overdue period, which will ONLY begin after 14 days from delivery ( e.g. if a $20,000.00 sale was delivered on 12/1, the Agent would only be responsible for 60% of the interest as of 12/16. Interest is calculated at I% over prime ( if we presume prime is at  5%, the Agent would be responsible for $1.97 per day from 12/16, if payment is not received by that date)