North South Foods
Group, Inc.

"About Us "

Ron Bateman - President

Born in 1950, began in the Meat Industry in 1972. He started importing Australian & New Zealand beef, as well as, exporting worldwide. During this period, he was General Manager of a beef boning operation. North South Meat Brokers (NSMB) was established in Canada in 1977 and NSMB Inc. was founded in Vermont in 1981. NSMB relocated to Orlando, Florida in 1989, at which time, it established itself as DBA-North South Trading. NSMB has been active in the same location from 1989 to present. In 2007, North South Meat Brokers changed its name to North South Foods Group, Inc and also added a DBA - North South Foods. Further information is available upon request, including current year's financial statements.